Vogt Visuals, Marketing Materials!

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Below is a collection of marketing materials I’ve done for a variety of clients (through http://VogtVisuals.com) ! Most are email fliers, PDF, JPG, which can double nicely to craigslist etc.  I really like doing these! Thanks for viewing!

Ms Atlas, the sculpt

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Done for a special group of people, demonstration style.  A ‘live sculpt’ if you will.  Thanks for the feedback friends, you know “she looks like she’s getting smoked by a giant ball” Not anymore dudes!!! ah creative process eh?

Ms Atlas Z Brush Sculpt process and tutorial

Ms Atlas the sculpt z brush tutorial demonstration

‘ The Mother’ Round 2, Z-Brush Study

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Well I destroyed the old sculpture.  There was some wierd topology pinching which I thought the Z Brush geometry helpers would fix (such as equalize, re-mesh etc)… well they didn’t, instead they destroyed my ZSphere polygroups, so I just started over again with great results.



(costume design… next time)

Pillars of the Earth Illustration

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So I’m reading the 6000 page Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth. It’s a really, really good book and I’m about 2/3 through.  I know they’ve make a TV series etc etc (which I close my eyes to) but for me, reading fiction (a rarity – though a growing interest), grants me the opporunty to stretch my visual storytelling database.  I thought I’d share a sketch I’m working on, it’s a love-hate kind of thing me and this piece, it’s coming along:

I’m a pretty big fan of the cloud’s treatment, the random skeletal type connections, the warm/cool tones, flowing composition and some random structure smack dab in the middle…. hmphm

Phone Sketch = Girl

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Everyone must do it I call this piece Sketching a Girl While Talking to Chris About the Stock Market…..

Should I even bother saying it’s a work-in-progress (WIP) ???  You can go straight to hell – conceptual time…. Ya… YOU

‘The Mother’ Z Brush Study

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Work in progress, like all these projects!  Woohoo!!

Ever try the Z Brush sketchpad????  It’s pretty fun once you understand how the tools translate. Plus!  You can draw in symmetry!!! Joy!

In this case, tonight I open Z Brush without a project in mind – once the ‘energy’ was in the right place, ie: I felt good, I sketched a couple gestures and the idea of a mother holding her child said go gogogoggoo!!!  That’s all it took.  I’d like to learn more about fabric folds etc so I think this would a good project to do so….

Z Brush Female Study #A

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A work in progress, the thing I like about Z Brush is how flexible things are.  I reclaimed my power on this one as it was a prelimary Zsphere pose, trust me – it was really bad….

Leaving a piece like that is not energizing to the artist.  Thus, I came back and re-channeled some learned stuff.