Vogt Visuals, Marketing Materials!

Below is a collection of marketing materials I’ve done for a variety of clients (through http://VogtVisuals.com) ! Most are email fliers, PDF, JPG, which can double nicely to craigslist etc.  I really like doing these! Thanks for viewing!

New Paintings!

What’s this???? Is it true???

Small teaser, they’re WIP – work in progress yo.  Thanks for viewing eh!

Chilliwack East

USB Prayer Beads

Blown Love

House Cries


Whoa!  It sure feels crazy updating this site, especially a wordpress site not for a client.  Did you know I started this site around 2005-2006?

New Projects and Updates:

Pillars of the Earth Illustration

So I’m reading the 6000 page Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth. It’s a really, really good book and I’m about 2/3 through.  I know they’ve make a TV series etc etc (which I close my eyes to) but for me, reading fiction (a rarity – though a growing interest), grants me the opporunty to stretch my visual storytelling database.  I thought I’d share a sketch I’m working on, it’s a love-hate kind of thing me and this piece, it’s coming along:

I’m a pretty big fan of the cloud’s treatment, the random skeletal type connections, the warm/cool tones, flowing composition and some random structure smack dab in the middle…. hmphm

‘The Mother’ Z Brush Study

Work in progress, like all these projects!  Woohoo!!

Ever try the Z Brush sketchpad????  It’s pretty fun once you understand how the tools translate. Plus!  You can draw in symmetry!!! Joy!

In this case, tonight I open Z Brush without a project in mind – once the ‘energy’ was in the right place, ie: I felt good, I sketched a couple gestures and the idea of a mother holding her child said go gogogoggoo!!!  That’s all it took.  I’d like to learn more about fabric folds etc so I think this would a good project to do so….

Z Brush Experiments: InOrganics

I do hear it’s possible but it sure felt impossible making really mechanical type creations.  I learnt some neat things with more complicated masking via ‘poly groups’ but the workflow seems counter intuitive.  Intuitive workflows for me allow me to go back and forth without making unchangeable updates. Matter of fact, these damned things caused some frustration…..

(I don’t know why posted that, it looks like a red face, actually that’s my face when I worked on some different workflows)

(it’s an organic approach to something hard-bodied….)

And finally!  Some cool editing techniques, which are impossible to edit.  wow….