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Hey everyone!

I’m teaching web marketing at VCAD (vancouver college of art and design), amongst other business dev and photoshop and I’m just linking to a couple students websites to share my ranking star power.  I’ll probably delete this once they index themselves!  Woohoo!  The assignment is about SEO and making websites appear on google when searching for ” The Greatest Living Vancouverite “.  It’s a race to # 1!  (hope I don’t wax them with this post 😉 hahaha!

The Greatest Living Vancouverite

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  • Hey, it’s Sarah from your photoshop class, if you remember.
    Thee AHs have a show at the Railway Club next thursday, Jan. 20th, if you’re interested (I’ll give you the deets anyway). It’s with the Oh Wells and the Matthew Joel Band.
    The Railway Club 579 Dunsmuir and Seymour
    starts at 9:00 and it’s $8
    We may play after eleven so if you have work the next morning and don’t want to come, i totes understand!

    Sarah Lo-Bot

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