Robot’s Manual Repairs

By July 6, 2010 4 Comments

Work in progress baby yeah!

(work in progress)

Still much to do! ¬†Especially around the rear, tuggin’ guy and that “ship” (wreckage…). ¬†It’s starting to look like an Adobe commercial with all the blending colors and sweeping background lines – oh oh.

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  • rosie says:

    Phone just went dead…call the house

  • rosie says:

    Hey Matt…THANKS SO MUCH…hope this is it. Will wait and see..
    good night…Rosie

  • rosie says:

    Good Morning Matt,
    a wee bit of a 911….my peeps can’t leave any comments…apparently “page not found” pops up.
    I tried to “release” a couple of comments from the dashboard, but must have been doin’ it wrong, as it did not work…Can you use your powers for good, “oh wise one”, and fix this wee problem?…Hope your enjoying your summer…call me…thanks…Rosie

  • rosie says:

    ahhh… once again thanks so much…will talk soon and you can let me know what the problem was…enjoy this pretty day…Rosie

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