Discovery Camps – 3D Animation!

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Discovery Camps - 3D Animation

Completed a little promo-project for Gateways Learning Centre.  I will be offering 3D Animation with Blender 2.5 come August!  Sign up your kids mom, or “hey you” – tell your mom you want to get cool and smart this summer!

You’ll be amazed at what you can create in virtual 3D space! Join us in an introduction to video game, film and character production! By the end of the week, you’ll have made your very own 3D animated segment!

‘Who is this course for?

This course will excite any young learner who has ever wondered how 3D Video Games, Hollywood Visual FX, Pixar films, and any other creative ‘well paid’ projects are made.  The approach in this curriculum revolves around the fundamental principles of the entertainment industry capitalizing on independent study and team based projects.  Geared towards film, game and creative expression, the learners will have hands on experience with what it takes to create a short film using 3D animation.  The instructor, Matt Vogt, has worked on a variety of game and film related projects and education programs; his approach to teaching such exciting and dynamic principles rely on clarity through simple foundations which will be carried on for years, and careers to come!

Topic 1: Welcome to the “cockpit”, your creative station to settle down and create to your imagination’s wish!  Matt and the learners will explore the exciting features of Blender 2.5 and start building things in 3D = fun!

Topic 2: Project briefing.  Here we go over the role a short film plays in a multimedia designers portfolio, what constitutes a solid story and how is it made manifest?

Topic 3: What makes a memorable, iconic character?  What is experience?  How do we create expressive 3D characters ready for animation?

Topic 4: Crash course in film directing = storyboarding, layout, staging, lighting, you name it!

Topic 5: The “Animation Principles” ?  What made Steamboat Willy, aka “Mickey” a living breathing character?  How does one interpolate the mechanics of motion with a living, breathing character (so it seems)?  These will be answered.

For some inspirational examples, 3D Choice Gallery: 2D Choice Gallery:

Remember, we will be using a program called Blender 2.5, which is free to download allowing our learners, through the support of community, the opportunity for continued and independent study.



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  • rosie says:

    Hey Matt,
    Who is that cute guy in the blue shirt…How cool that you guys are doing what you love to do and can make a career out of it…Well Done!
    Thanks so verrry much for the goodies you sent me. WONDERFUL…excited about the new and improved Picnic, I need a little help figuring it out {someday when you have a few moments} can’t wait to try it out.
    Now for my 411/911 question. Anita, from Castles, crowns and cottages can’t seem to leave a message, while everyone else can…what in the world could be the problem…call me…hugs Rosie

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