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Roses and Rutabagas!

By March 8, 2010 6 Comments

A wonderful completion!



  • 100% custom HTML content + CSS layout = loads fast + topping Google
  • Visual layout made to client’s liking = loves it!
  • Photography credit, yours truly….
  • WordPress powered News page for easy client side updating with images and writing
  • Web Analytics for visitor info and page awareness
  • “Well priced, awesome results” – Matt

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  • Quinn says:


  • Kingsley says:

    Very nice! Looks great, and love the speed!
    I noticed the shadows on the sides have some slight variation to them, and when you scroll it gives a slight flickering appearance. Nothing major, but it does distract me from the content.

    Also, the navigation font strikes me as being slightly out-of-place with the other fonts on the site. Like they should either be images of a fancier font, or a plainer, more spartan font like is used for the site’s content.

    BUT THAT’S JUST ME. Great work overall. 😀

  • Matt Vogt says:

    Thanks Quinn! Long time no chat – hope you’re well!

    Kinger! Thanks for your comments – I fixed that tiling thing ASAP. Matter of fact, the spiral background is seamless horizontally – you’d probably need a 3 wide screen span to appreciate the craftiness….

    The menu comment is tricky though; I wanted to use a web-safe font instead of graphics for search engine’s sake and our client shown an explicit liking to the thin, subtleness. Matter of fact, here’s the original proposed design -> link It’s close! Matter of fact, the website has a rainbow of font choices in both logo, menu, and page headers, subheadings and main content font – a bit out of the norm, not sticking to a single font, everything seems to work in its own way.

  • Kingsley says:

    I’m going to have to check that crafty background out on my multi-monitor setup back home. 😀

    The shadow looks MUCH better now! Although I won’t quite let you off quite that easily…
    eeeh smite me.

    As for the fonts, if the client likes it, then righto! I personally prefer the original proposed design’s font.
    Btw – while my knowledge on the subject is limited, couldn’t meta-tags be used to make any alternatives search-engine friendly?

  • Matt Vogt says:

    Ah-ha! Your keen eye is much appreciated! Fixed, fixed and here’s my view – epic wide screen

    -> link

    Yep, meta tags are good for google’s description and other listing info for your site. Using more text in pages opposed to imagse helps with page relevance – something which boosts page ranking. Having a link name the link, being active, same text as link and having the page contain info about the link etc etc = relevance! Matter of fact, Roses and Rutabagas, in text, is actually hidden behind the logo so google knows who he’s looking at….

    As Einstein said, it’s all relevant (I don’t think he did say that though….)

  • rosie says:

    hey Matt…found this site while perusing. Thought you might find it interesting

    Cyborg Animals strange…but cool

    smile on..Rosie

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