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The Shaw centre as I left work.


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  • Jake says:

    Hey bud, I tried to email you but it got shot back from the email thats on here…so I’ll just put it here for now?

    Its Jake from the workshop Brennan hosted. I saw in your blog that you really enjoyed the workshop – it was pretty awesome hey? Defiantely helping me on a little prject I’m doing now, but you can tell its the kind of thing that takes practice.

    I like that you have a nice art preview on the bottom of your site before you enter, good choice. You have some nice ideas going on in your portfolio and I hope you will keep working at it. I think keeping up on studies and just, drawing a lot will definately help – something I’m not doing NEARLY enough of to satisfy my future dreams. Anyways I just wanted to get in touch and say that your card was not forgotten. ttyl

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