Environment Design Week 3

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Value/Form Assignment:  Create 3 pictures of a gothic interior, same area, different lighting solutions.

Following the educated approach, I studied some gothic goodness first:

And the week’s result:

Environment Design Week 1

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Philip Straub has taken us under his wing hahaha!  Check out what’s in store:

It’s pretty intensive (as I choose), but alas I will post everything I do here. I thank you for your viewing and I hope you learn things through my learning!

For starters we learned the first 3 composition types and find an example of each:

Then it was time to create our own:








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Painting this guy from outside my window yesterday morning.  Guess breakfast was serverd – I bet these guys are getting chilly…

BlueJay Sketch

Coming Home in October

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I took these photos while coming home from work today!  It was our first day at our studio’s new location and it is the most beautiful place I’ve been.

This time of year is awesome! Taking photos while driving is awesome!