Education Services – (on going)

(The E of M.V.A.D.E, Matt Vogt – Art, Design & Edumication)

I am offering 3D animation courses in Chilliwack for ‘anyone’ but the 8-15 year olds seem to eat it up!

  • Promontory Heights Community School
  • Cultus Lake Community School
  • The Chilliwack Arts Centre
  • (more listings to be announced soon, please contact me for requests, mentoring or class ideas!)

Currently teaching at VCAD:

  • In Fashion, Web and 3D departments
  • Design, Web Business, Marketing

Currently teaching at the Pacific Audio Visual Institute:

  • Game Design, 3D Animation and Modeling


Vogt Visuals = CEO, I mean Capt’n of the Creative Ship! (4 life)


Things are great!  http://VogtVisuals.com


Celestine Studios, 2005 – (on going)

animating VanArts

- Working intermittently on a varied of digital projects - web, design, 3D, education (currently)
- Contracted to Develop ‘Intro to Maya’ curriculum for VANarts with Celestine (2005)
- Animated for commericals airing in the UK – character animation (2006)

Lead Artist – Offload Studios, 2008-2009


- Oversaw all art asset preparation and production for 3D Printing
- Engineered custom workflows for individual studio’s needs and provided assets
- Helped in developing brand realization through visual, web ,written and 3D media
- Point of Contact for majority of clients
- Contributed to Production Preparation documents

Digital Arts Educator (Grades 10 -12) – AVS, 2006-2008


- Developed a grade 10, 3D Modeling course and grade 11, Animation course  for online usage
- Assisted in running 3D Art courses online
- Assisted school through: teacher support, classroom video conference administration and web administration.
- Produced many teacher videos and other online “Learning Objects” including a HDTV pipeline

Digital Artist – DXLAB aka ‘The Cave’ 2004-2006

Cave Rudy MattandPat

- Developed training materials for Next Level Games during production of Spiderman: Friend or Foe
- Won a 3D print award ‘Most Spectacular Entry’ through 3D research and development
- Guest appeared on ‘In the Lab with Leo’ to share in 3D graphics, 3D printing and education


Figure and Face Painting – Online (8 weeks), CG Society.org
Under Don Seegmiller, 2009

Production Environment Design – Online (8 weeks), CG Society.org
Under Philip Straub, 2008

Foundations in Drawing – Abbotsford, BC (8 weeks)
Under Bonnie Ayotte, 2007

Visual Storytelling and Concept Design – Online, PixelCorps.com (6 months)
Under Iain McCaig, 2006

Capilano University – Vancouver, BC
Traditional Animation (GPA 4.08/4.00), 2005

Web Developments:

Brand New!  http://planetbliss.ca










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Personal Passions:

Digital Painting: Selected Works

Photography: Flickr